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From the 1st of July 2016, Capo Wealth Pty Ltd (Capo Wealth) ABN 96 610 538 933 is an authorised represented of Conexus Group Pty Ltd ABN 73 610 419 31, AFSL 485018. Capo Wealth is authorised to provide limited financial services on superannuation and Self-managed superannuation funds. ​

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What is financial planning? There are many definitions, we consider the GAP Analysis concept provides an answer!

This concept is based on the following processes;

The client’s current asset position in dollar value is measured consisting of superannuation and other investments outside super. A projection of time from retirement age to life expectancy is taken and combined with a clear estimate of post retirement net income from discussions with the client. This allows for the calculation of a cylinder of desired capital that will, based on a conservative rate of return, produce the ability for the client to be self-sufficient in these years including an allowance for regular travel, replacement of capital items and some residual estate, if desired. In some cases the calculation is adjusted to allow for the client to receive a component of Age Pension benefits to subsidise retirement income and reduce drawdown of capital.

The process then is to produce a strategy, or if you like a plan, to take the client from present time to the future projected dollar cylinder position based on the concept of a money “Engine Room” with the fuel being the client’s on-going pre-tax and/or net disposable income. The structure of the “Engine Room” is then developed along the lines of the following five design elements;

  • Portfolio (risk | return)
  • Tax Planning
  • Savings
  • Debt Management
  • Cash flow

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