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Business solutions

There is no need to fear change or be frightened of new technology. The latest general ledger systems and up-to-date business software can save you work and enhance the operation of your business. Vast improvements have been made in automation and integration of functions into accounting packages. Cloud based accounting solutions now have eliminated many time consuming, data-input type activities that business owners have always hated.

Business solutions

Access to real time information can help you manage your business better, issue faster and more accurate reports and meet your compliance obligations more easily.

If it’s sales growth and access to new markets that you are chasing, it may be time to boost your online presence. Expanding your digital presence with a new website or an online store can turn the dial on sales with increased access to clients in different time zones and allow you to have a virtual storefront which is open 24/7.

Set up for success with intelligent system design and implementation or enhance your business offering by powering up your digital presence!

Your time is valuable.

Let Capo & Co help with the latest intelligent software and systems and give yourself more time to enjoy the rewards of your hard work.​
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Software Packages

Irrespective of the size of your business, we can assist with current, intuitive, cloud-based accounting solutions.

At Capo & Co we recommend Xero. It is easy to use, has powerful reporting and is suitable for a huge range of industries and businesses. It works with iPhone, Android, iPads and tablets. It connects with your bank and us (your accountants). And you can invoice, place orders, pay bills and much more, while you are on-the-go.

We are qualified and endorsed suppliers of this product.

System Setups

Daunted at the prospect of installing a new accounting or business software system? We can help. Our experience tells us that new systems installed properly and implemented in a structured and methodical way can save a great deal of time, money and heartache in the long run.

This type of project can be really tough for businesses who are great at their core business but struggle with the technical and compliance-based obligations of management and administration.

We know what a great, well-installed system should look like, and we recognise the many pitfalls and hazards that exist. Leverage our experience and get it set up right, the first time.


The business landscape in Australia is competitive, sophisticated and highly regulated. For the inexperienced and the unprepared, it’s a minefield out there.

Sometimes, small firms can feel that they don’t have the expertise or experience to deal with certain conditions and circumstances. Maybe they just need a fresh set of eyes, or even a fresh set of ideas to help improve business performance.

Our experienced and qualified accountants can provide CFO services to businesses big and small. Whether it is strategic planning or corporate diagnostic services – we can help.

Most businesses do not operate at their best. And a large number of businesses don’t succeed even though they have terrific products, excellent service and are skilled at their trade. Let Capo & Co assist with improving your business performance through budgeting, setting targets and measuring Key Performance Indicators.

It may be through periodic meetings and regular reviews of key business metrics or it could be a review across all aspects of a business’ operation. Capo & Co have the expertise to assist your businesses identify areas to improve turnover, cashflow and profitability.

At Capo & Co, through our CFO+ service, we aim to provide clients with expertise and assistance to help meet pressing challenges or develop long term strategies and plans to achieve their goals. The needs of businesses vary dramatically and accordingly, our advisors will tailor a support and advisory program to suit your individual requirements.

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