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Our experience, coupled with the tools and resources at our disposal can significantly assist our clients chart their course toward success and achieving their financial goals.


We understand the challenges faced by businesses. Successful business owners are invariably hardworking and have a great understanding of their core business. However, a vast many business owners benefit from advice and support with structuring, planning and strategy to drive performance.

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What we do

Estate Planning

Whilst no-one can say with much certainty what will come next, we think regardless, it’s best to be prepared.

Estate Planning can provide certainty in respect of the handling and passing of investments to beneficiaries in the event of a death.  At Capo & Co we don’t wish to see any of our clients shuffle off this mortal coil, but when they do, we want their affairs to be in order and for there to be no unnecessary complications.

Seeing asset ownership pass to the right beneficiaries, minimising any tax implications and protecting assets are the key pillars of Estate Planning.

Capo & Co can provide advice and assistance with:

  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Estate Planning for Superannuation
  • General Tax Considerations
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The right advice at the start of any project is critical.

Business start-ups, property development and commercial leases are examples of matters which may have potentially complicated tax and legal implications.

Capo & Co can assist clients understand their options and help navigate past the  pitfalls that exist.  A firm with a strong grasp of the mechanics of commercial property deals, Capo & Co can also assist with advice on negotiating and structuring.  In addition, we have vast experience with complicated leases, property developments, land divisions and commercial property purchases. We have partner law firms who can draft legal documents and assist with agreements and contract terms.


Present needs and future requirements are the key considerations in determining how to structure a new business or investment.

Frequently overlooked in the rush to set up a business or take advantage of an investment opportunity is how to most effectively structure for tax and asset protection purposes. Pressing issues and time constraints can lead you to not give sufficient consideration as to what is the most suitable framework to employ.

Capo & Co have extensive experience in business structuring and can provide valuable assistance at the critical time.  We also are very familiar with setting up efficient tax structures for property investors and developers.

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