Self Managed Super Funds – Isn’t It About Time You Looked Into This?

Creating and running a Self Managed Super Fund (“SMSF”) sounds complicated.

And yes, there is considerable government regulation and compliance. So it’s complicated and tricky. And set-up and running costs can be high. So why then do people still want SMSFs?

In short, SMSFs can give investors greater flexibility, greater returns and allow them to control their own superannuation. Depending on the size of your fund, the running costs of an SMSF can be offset by the superior returns possible in your SMSF and sometimes lower than the fees charged in retail funds.

In terms of flexibility, most retail super funds are quite limited as to where they will place your retirement savings. SMSFs, on the other hand, can participate in a vast range of investments including property development, cryptocurrencies, artworks and more.

Capo & Co are your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) experts. Our team can help you determine whether a SMSF is suitable for you and can assist with setting up a fund allowing you to decide how and where you will invest.

It is important to correctly and carefully set up your SMSF. This is a highly regulated area and the laws are detailed and complex. Our experienced team will help you through the process and establish the most suitable fund for you, ensuring maximum flexibility and prepare your fund for its ongoing compliance requirements.

Preparation and lodgement of financial statements combined with annual tax and audit obligations, all contribute to the burden of administering an SMSF. Capo & Co will help you manage and navigate these obligations and requirements.

SMSFs are not for all investors but depending on your investment preferences, risk appetite and super balance, it could be suitable for you.

If you are thinking about getting your own SMSF, then start with the right advice from Capo & Co.

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